We only see this in memes. But here is clear proof that breakups turn people into social media motivational speakers. She quotes like Mahatma Gandhi or Bob Marley. She actually shared a quote from Bob Marley on her Instagram page.

On being asked by one of her fans if she had turned into a poet, she did not hesitate to respond. The mother to Diamond's son told her fan that she had also turned into a motivational speaker.

Siku hizi umekuwa poet

She responded

 Motivational speaker pia 

Since the breakup with Diamond, she has been sharing inspirational quotes on her Instagram page. Kenyans will pro'lly turn her into a meme soon.

If you are in the same shoes as Tanasha, you can actually get inspiration from her posts. Check out  her quote on being a conquer she shared on Instagram;

I dont come to bow, i come to conquer. Don’t gain the world and lose your soul... ~ BOB MARLEY.