Remember the day Diamond was rumored to have ditched Tanasha Donna's EP launch in Kenya to go spend time with Hamisa, well there is more to that story.

Hamisa Mobetto has denied the allegations of going back to Mr. Platnumz.

In an interview with Wasafi TV, Hamisa said that Diamond was a man who loved and wanted everything by himself adding that being with Diamond was like watching the Titanic movie and hoping for a different ending, while the ending remains the same.

"It is because Naseeb has too much going on. He is also an artiste so you can imagine plus he loves too many things so it's impossible. I've known him for way too long. Being with him is just like watching Titanic the movie and hoping that the end will end in a different way." Hamisa said

Hamisa added that they had both moved on and there's no chances of them getting back together.

Contrary to the rumors, Diamond is not a dead beat father. The model confirmed that they are co-parenting just fine. She even said manz' responsible.

"Naseeb and I are the past. I respect him as the father to my child and we only communicate in the co-parenting terms. There is no such thing as a relationship we can never get back together we have moved on. He is doing all that a father is supposed to do to his child and I don’t have any complaints on Naseeb as a father." Hamisa added

She is still single and just as she mentioned in the past interviews, this is her time to grow her business and make money moves. She has no time for love. Just mother love.

As I always say, there is always some unraveling in the Dangote home.