Wahu is offended by the retailers who hike prices of sanitizers and cleaning detergents during this trying time. There have been cases of retailers selling their sanitation products at a higher price than they should.

Wahu posted on her Instagram page shaming retailers who are bent on making money. She was mad at the fact that retailers care more about making money than helping curb coronavirus.

She warned them saying that if coronavirus ever blows over then it will be on them too. and that it will affect them too.

Wahu Kagwe advised retailers that this is actually the best time to help reduce this pandemic by reducing the prices of cleaning detergents and sanitizers.

Her fans agreed with her and joined her in shaming these retailers in Kenya.

They gave various comments;

It's heart breaking seeing individuals taking advantage of poor Kenyans at a time like this!!! This kind of inhumanity is probably one of the reason God is even angry with mankind!! 😢

Another commented;

It’s happening everywhere in the world. Amazon have hiked up their prices it’s crazy