Finally, Diamond Platnumz has decided to address the elephant in the room, the end of his relationship with Tanasha Donna.

He went live on Instagram yesterday night and just like every fan and follower of the two artistes, a curious fan wanted to know the whereabouts of Tanasha.

She requested for a live chat with Diamond upon which he accepted. The two started flirting on the live chat especially after she said she was in bed and not dressed.

It got Diamond so excited he started singing then she dropped the bomb.

"So where is Tanasha?" 

Diamond knew that everyone wanted to know. To respond to this, he smiled and responded saying it is a very private family matter.

"That's too private.. Hayo mambo ya familia kidogo," responded diamond

He went on to mention that she sounds like a beautiful lady although he could not see her though she was smart enough and tried to brush it off.

Manz went on to ask her where she lives. Trust Diamond to overstep.

There is clearly a lot of drama in the Diamond Tanasha world. The mother of one edited out Diamond’s name from her son’s profile a few days ago.

She also deleted all the photos that had been uploaded on her son's, Naseeb Junior's account and unfollowed everyone except four people and no, Diamond is not among them.

Too much drama right. But most importantly Diamond Platnumz asked his fans to be safe amidst the Coronavirus spread and told people to sanitize as he showed off his sanitizer.

Watch the video below: