Brenda Wairimu says on her Instagram page that she is the only one allowed out of the house during this pandemic of coronavirus.

Apparently, she does all the outdoor chores and she does not get any hugs when she gets back home to avoid contracting or spreading the virus.

So people have been working from home and walking around with masks and sanitizers.

For the famous Subira actor, she has a family well taken care of.

Her brother is now being homeschooled. Brenda Wairimu and her family have become cautious to the point that she has the door opened for her whenever she comes from her outdoor duties.

She captioned her post;

I'm the only one allowed to leave the house in my household right now, getting my brothers books from school , trying to stock up on food, essentials and snacks coz baby girl snacks better than she eats like me. I can confidently say that teachers need significant raises because homeschooling is a mess lol. No hugs when I get back to the house because I take a full shower before I touch anyone or anything, I even make them open the doors for me so I don't touch the handles.

Brenda Wairimu advised her fans to stay at home and if possible to work from home in order to avoid contracting the virus.

Fear has been roaming the country since the first case of COVID-19 hit Kenya. The virus as since then been found with about seven people within the country.

If u can, please stay at gatherings especially can wait. Nail appointments can wait lol look at mine. Lets be mindful of eachother, we are not all strong enough to fight off disease.

Can we now talk about how my lips are always taking over my face 🤦🏻‍♀️ I get em from my grandmama!