Businesses are being closed and omg, ladies we are in trouble. Size 8, aka Mama Wambo is wondering how she is going to get her hair done.

But Wahu stepped in to help her out, promising that she has taken steps to help curb the spread of coronavirus.

Size 8 posted on her Instagram page inquiring from Wahu if her salon is open so she can get her hair done.

Well, Wahu responded and told her that yes, they are open. And yes, they have taken initiatives to help curb the spread and infections of coronavirus.

On her Instagram page, she posted on the various steps that her beauty parlour has taken to ensure that there are no cases from her workplace of people being infected.

She captioned on her Instagram page informing Mama Wambo and all her fans on the steps she has taken.

Here are the steps Wahu has put in place;

1) we have designated hand wash areas with plenty of soap and water. Requesting all clients and staff to wash hands on entry into the salon, and before any kind of service contact

2) wearing gloves for services that allow and functions that allow

3)working to ensure NO MORE THAN 5 CLIENTS AT A TIME - as such booking through DM and phone call is highly encouraged - feel free to make your appointment anytime from 8am,

4) stepped up our daily cleaning and sanitizing and sterilising of the salon floors and equipment.

5) our salon team (staff and service) is now working on rotation, to reduce no. Of people in the salon per day.

6) we encourage all our staff and clients to boost their immunity, ensure you and your family observe personal hygiene, and pray. Pray pray pray pray pray.


Like Wahu, people should ensure their businesses are coronavirus free and their customers are protected.