Hamisa Mobetto decided to entertain her followers who are at home during this quarantine period.

It doesn't have to be a boring and lonely stay at home right?

She decided to have the 'ask me a question' segment on Instagram, for her fans to ask the burning questions with an honest reply.

Of course, there is always that one follower who will take one for the team. A follower asked,

Are you back together with Diamond?

Hamisa was definitely expecting this and so she had to make it clear for everyone to know that it can never happen.

 “Hell to the NO!” She replied

So of course, the next obvious question was whether she is single or nah to which she said,

A few weeks ago, it had been rumored that Diamond and Hamisa were back together and are working on building their relationship. Remember when she posted a video dancing to his song, Jeje? We knew it is a sealed deal. Clearly, all these are just but rumors

Last she spoke about her relationship with Platnumz was when she was questioned about spending time with him after he left Tanasha in Kenya during her EP launch.

Expectations were that he was going to support a babe but he played a Diamond move so not so many including Zari were surprised.

Hamisa assured her fans that they will get to see her new manz on their wedding day. She posted saying her wedding is as soon as next week. It will have fewer guests seeing as such public gatherings have been banned by various governments because of the coronavirus pandemic.

At least now we can stop associating Hamisa and Diamond. She has moved on. Their relationship is now all about co-parenting. Hamisa mentioned in an interview that the artistes is a good father to their son and we hope that will remain even with her in another marriage.