Kamene and Kibe are this morning challenging their listeners.

Seeing as the world has been highly advised to stay home and quarantine, Kibe threw in a spanner in the works. He asked, what if for any reason whatsoever, (God forbid) we are told to quarantine for three months with your significant other.

"For whatever reason, the government says now you have to quarantine with your partner for the next three months in the house. Kamene would you with the man you are seeing now?" Kibe possed the question.

Kamene was caught unaware and couldn't give a solid answer so she decided to throw it to her listeners.

I can't give my stand. But I will say that maybe when we plan on when to talk

Most of the callers who called in to give their opinion were men. One guy called in laughing saying,

I have stayed in the house for 5 days and I want to leave. It is always a question of why have you put this there? Now three months? Si I'll die.

Another male caller with a Swahili accent and said that he will have to separate from the babe.

That is so tricky. We will have to separate. The last few days we have been hell because there has been war from the minute I open the door. Now three months? I can't 

It is funny that this discussion came right after Kibe mentioned that according to a survey, Kenyans are  among the most unhappy Africans and ranked at number 121 in the world.

"There are irresponsible journalists. Kenyans have been ranked as the most unhappy countries in Africa. Happiest was Lybia which ranked position 80 globally. Let me read this and tell me. Finland had the happiest in the world. Kenya was 121 out of 156 in the world. well, that is a lie. You want to tell me UK who see the sun in a poster are happier than us? Even Germany full of guys who do not even smile and you want to tell me they are happier than me, a Kenyan? No, no no" Kibe said

The quarantine period is working for some people, but clearly there are some people who are having a rough time especially men. Their babes are giving them a hard time to make sure they are neat.