vanessa's rotimi
vanessa's rotimi
Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi's relationship has been steady despite what so many social media in-laws had predicated.

Tanzanians are so loyal to their own because they did not want a non Tanzanian guy date their queen, but we do not get to chose what Vanessa's heart wants.

The two became such a sensation because the pictures they post are goals.

When Vanessa was dating Juma Jux, they did not practice PDA, we knew they were dating but their affection was private. All this is contrary to what we are seeing between her and Rotimi.

As I said, Tanzanians are not up for the fact that Vanessa's man is not theirs so they will look for anything to dismiss Rotimi.

When their relationship started off, there was a video of both of them smoking shisha and a few days ago another video was posted but this one was different. It was too s*3ual where Rotimi was caressing her head. Guess what, in-laws did not like it.

Now the story on the comment section became, Vanessa, has lost track and they are blaming Rotimi whom they believe has brainwashed her with his western culture.

"Vanessa, there is no husband in this guy as compared to Juma Jux. We never saw him making you smoke all this shisha like Rotimi is. He is even emoting the smoke from his nose and ears😭😭😭😭🤣🤸‍♀️"One fan commented

"Why are you changing for the worst? Even your voice has become something else like you are eating flour." Another fan gave their opinion

Another follower even compared the various activities that Vanessa and Jux used to do as compared to her and Rotimi. He said,

Juma Jux used to take you for swimming while Rotimi is making you smoke shisha?

Clearly so many people are worried.

Mdee put up a post of Rotimi when he was 15 and captioned saying,

Hubby at 15 breaking little hearts

They are now on the wifey, hubby basis. So people may talk and hate on them but clearly they are moving forward strong.

As they say, do not associate yourself with two people who sleep on the same bed. They know themselves better.