Coronavirus has taken over every discussion on radio but we need a laugh to ease up the tension and who better than Kamene and Kibe to provide the comic relief?

Kibe decided to come through for the women by giving them the boxes to tick for them to be sure the man you're calling your boyfriend is actually your boyfriend.

"In this quarantine time, take a pen and paper and ask yourself, one, I have been calling this guy boyfriend so do I know where he lives? and do I have access to his house? Like the watchman will not stop you at the gate. When you get in the house, who puts the phone upside down or put it on airplane mode? Do you the key to the house? Do you have the pin to his ATM card? Those are some of the things to consider yourself a girlfriend." Kibe said

He added that,

If you do not have either, please seek doktari to fix your brain because you're not okay. Taking up positions that are not yours.

Kamene was not falling for these unrealistic talk.

"What you're saying is unrealistic Kibe. Let us go for Christmas together and let everyone know we belong to each other. We do trips with other couples. I do not need the key to your house for validation. I am just happy to be told babe I love you and you're the best decision I made." She said

Kibe, who was laughing said girls need to understand going on trips does not mean manz' your boyfriend. In fact, it is the complete opposite.

"Trips? We do not go on trips with the kawaida girls. We go with hot and new things so if you're being taken for trips, my sister you're on a short term relationship. We need to stop throwing these words 'boyfriend and girlfriend' because that should lead to marriage. If it is just for the bedroom skills accept and move on. He is not your boyfriend." Kibe made it clear

One guy called in to tell Kibe to stop giving women leakage because there will be trouble.

"Kibe unachoma! Now you want my girlfriend to call and ask me for my password and you know we hold our whole life in these phones." Caller number one said

Another male caller made it short and precise by saying,

No key, no title Kibe.

A lady caller was clear that all these things on Kibe's list are irrelevant just like Kamene said.

"I have the key and that is it. I do not need all these other things because men have different ways to show love. I do not need such validations to be sure he is my boyfriend" The caller echoed

What do you think? Is what Kibe saying true? Or are you on Kamene's side?