So the drama between Huddah Monroe and Khaligraph Jones continues and it is getting hotter and hotter as the days go by.

Remember Khali's 'Yes Bana' featuring Bien Amie, where he took shots at Huddah who has refused to pick up his calls.

“Huddah masimu hashiki, anadhani mimi natry  kumpiga miti. Mimi nina wife sipendi hizo kiki (Huddah ain’t picking up my calls she thinks I want to sleep with her? I have a wife and I do not like that form of clout chasing)” Khaligraph raps

1.5 million views later, Huddah mentioned that she has no clue as to who the OG is and said she found out about him only because he mentioned her on his track.

Of course, we did not fall for it because who does not know the OG? Papa Jones?

Khaligraph responded to these by saying,


We thought it is over until Khaligraph posted a freestyle last night on Coronavirus and guess what? He mentioned her again. This time he is mad.

"you have been told to stay at home and you do want before Coronavirus takes an 'x' on you like chapati flour. Many of you are donkeys because up to now, slay queen like Huddah are still partying. You made a mistake mentioning my name because OG is a big brand not a Facebook rapper" khaligraph rapped

And now that Huddah knows who Papa Jones is, the rap got to her and she posted on the comment section saying.

Daddy Jones, Nitakudinya uachane na mimi! (Daddy Jones. I will give you the cookie so that you finally leave me alone)

This got a lot of traction the Khali's comment section. Read some of the hilarious comments below:

Mao: @huddahthebosschick ni juzi tu ulisema hujui ngoma zake hata moja😂😂 Saa hii umejua Jones ni daddy😂😂😂

Husband: @huddahthebosschick woiyee babe mdinye tu ameomba sana

Kihuria:@huddahthebosschick you got what you asked for👏

Barsil:@huddahthebosschick ai ni wewe utadinywa uache kiherehere

Franco: @huddahthebosschick 🙌 real women never argue with gentlemen 🙄

Moses: Beat kali, flow kali, rhymes kali, certified 🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤Mics freestyle

Ommy Dimpoz: RESPECT OG 🤣

Masauti: Babayaooo🔥🔥

Watch the full freestyle below: