Since the very first time a Kenyan citizen tested positive for Covid-19, what happened is;

The nation went into panic mode, this triggered panic buying, the government urged citizens to practice social distancing and those who had traveled from Covid-19 affected countries to self quarantine.

Number of cases added up, the government banned international flights and now we have a 7pm - 5pm curfew effective from Friday, 27th March.

What people never gave too much thought is the legal side of all of this.

However, we have compiled a list of what the law says on various situations, one being when an infected person exposes others.

Check out the list below;

  1. Penalty for exposing infection to others is sh30,000 or 3 years in prison
  2. Those infected by those who do not take precaution can seek damages
  3. Penalty for carrying passengers in a vehicle not disinfected is Sh40,000
  4. Penalty for landlords who fail to disinfect their rentals is Sh80,000
  5. Penalty for hotel owners who fail to disinfect their premises is Sh80,000
  6. Government has the right to enter any premises for inspection
  7. General penalty for defying any order is Sh15,000 or 1 year in prison