Oya! If you have always dreamed of making Vera Sidika a mother, start ticking your calendar dates because she is ready.

Okay, not ready ready, she has said that after all this Coronavirus drama is over, she is ready to carry a baby.

Vera posted a video of her holding her godchild saying how much she misses them. In the video she mentions they are going to Disneyland, an activity she really enjoyed when she was abroad.

"I miss my baby 😢😫😭. If I survive this Covid19 I’m definitely making a baby 😝 Life is too short 🤭" Vera captioned the video.

The comment section was full of men offering themselves to be her baby daddy including Mulamwah.

"Am available ☺️" He captioned

Others decided to use this platform to troll the socialite saying that with all the plastic surgery she has done, her eggs may not be available.

Moses: Wewe mayai yaliliwa na plastic surgery uezi pata mtoto na utatisha mno

Lynoh: Imma be donor.

Burton: Well baby is a blessing,it will be good...

Rael: Make sure Diamond Platnamz is the father of ur baby😂😂😂

Katana: Utazaa mblack kama wewe hiyo ni tint tu

This is not the first time Vera has mentioned she wants a baby. When she was dating Otile, she pranked her fans she was expecting and later, Otile accused her of aborting their child.

Her baby fever has been there for years so hopefully, the Coronavirus scare will motivate her to finally have one. With who, that is an answer only Vera can give since she is no longer dating Doktari Jimmy.