The world was forced to stay home and self-quarantine to avoid the spread of the Covid-19 disease caused by the Coronavirus.

This has got people coming up with creative ways to stay sane and entertain their fans online. Instagram and Tik Tok have had so much traction with many creating videos on TikTok and celebrities going live on Instagram.

Kamene Goro has been going to work in the morning but most part of the day sees her at home and she has been enjoying the Instagram live videos.

On that note, she listed in The Morning Kiss with Kibe the people she is begging not to try to pull this live video stunt because it is not for everyone.

She had a list of four. Read the list below in case you fall under this category.

Four people, I do not want to see go digital please.

1. Comedians. All we want to see is Tugi, Njugush and Wakavinye's son. The rest especially Obinna stop it please. The Omondi's, Eric and Fred no.

2. Makeup artistes. Stop it. No one is face beating now. Now we are at woke up like this face. Back to factory setting so just stop

3. Socialites. Those who come to twerk because you do not have any other talent stop it. We can not watch more than 30 seconds of a twerk video.

4. Coronavirus 'experts'. Guys who are saying God is angry at you at that is why you have Covid-19.

Kibe added saying, he also doesn't want to see these peachers who are here to preach doom as if they know God's plan.

Preachers who are saying that He (God) is raining his pestilent upon the sinners.

Do you agree with Kamene or do you have a few others to add? The ones thriving with this live video are artistes. Sadly Sauti Sol had to cancel their second one and you can read all about it below: