CoronaVirus has taken over all the other news that was trending over the last few months including Miracle Baby exiting Sailors Gang.

So many Kenyan celebrities were trending for all the wrong reasons. Remember the Bahati and Peter Blessing drama to Mwalimu Racheal to Miracle Baby's friend drama. All went under the water because of Corona.

Mwalimu Racheal was facing possible arrest after evidence was produced that she se3ually abused a young man by squeezing his kahunas. Her case was in court but for now, all cases have been put on hold.

With all this drama going on, rumors started circulating that Miracle Baby has left Sailors Gang,well for obvious reasons. And also because he was a witness in the Mwalimu Racheal case.

It became serious when we noticed he has been missing various gigs with the squad.

These rumors became too much he was forced to address his followers and set the record straight. He took to social media with a picture of him together with his management team and captioned,

Tangu ni announce the TEAM managing me...kuna Fake News circulating that nimetoka @sailors_254 that's a still a strong✊🏾group member...& they are NOT part of Sailors management. #staysafe #PeterMiracleBaby

Jesu ni Mwathani! Miracle Baby talks life as a street boy (PHOTO)

So there you have it. Maybe he just took a break, I mean because of the drama and the tension in the group.

Some good news because if you are a Gengetone lover, his exit would have been traumatic. Now we wait for the pandemic to water down so that they can give us a new track. This will be proof enough.