In this time when people have been forced to stay home, the economy is suffering and Kibe says groups of people who have proved they run the economy, are sponsors.

Others refer to them as blessers because well, everyone they meet in their philanthropic mood will be blessed with some money.

Kibe broke it down saying,

A Sponyo runs the economy. He goes to the bar, he gets a hair cut as his car is being washed and he has ordered meat in the bar. So he calls a girl and when she is coming she is using a taxi app and he will pay. She comes in and drinks and eats, money has been poured then depending on their usual happenings, they get a hotel or a lodging. He will pay for it but he has to bribe the receptionist so that he doesn't sign in and then he has to tip the watchman in case he comes back there he will be given special treatment.

Imagine all these people who have made money from one guy. Doesn't this man run the economy in these service provider's businesses? And they are always very philanthropic.

Kamene added that even the chic he spent time with on that day also got her cut.

And also do not forget that chich will leave there with nothing less than 3500, 4000. And you forgot all these people who have provided a service depend on tips so he will have to tip each and every one of them.

Now that we are practicing social distancing, Kibe says the service providers who add up to Kenyans economy are suffering because now the sponsor has been forced to stay with his first lady in the house.