Willy Paul is spending his time in quarantine throwing shade at his long time frenemy, Bahati and his wife Diana.

In a short video, he is heard mimicking Bahati's voice but the content was pure shade. His advice to Diana was for her to come through for her husband and help him hit the high notes when singing.

“Bwana ya Diana utatuonyesha Mambo kweli si uache hata Diana aimbe. Diana saidia Bwana yako we unataka ulishwe ulishwe Bwana anapoteza vocals we uko hapo unakula tu, Saidia Bwana. (Diana's husband will show us the most. I mean can't you just let Diana sing? Diana help your husband. You just want to be fed all the time and you manz is losing his vocals. Help your husband.)" Willy Paul said mocking Bahati's voice

Before this, Willy Paul shared on social media some words of advice after showing off that he has acquired new land. He now has four plots as we speak.

Clearly he is spending this quarantine time to help his followers in one way or the other. The other day, he was sympathizing with sponsor benefactors.

“Kwa wale wasichana wanapigia pigia bwana za watu simu unapigia sponsor simu hashiki umeachwa peke yako katika muda huu anaquarantine na bibi yake tafadhali heshimu hiyo. (to those girls whose calls are being ignored by peoples husbands, you have been left alone in this quarantine time and his wife please respect that your man is now home)" Willy Pozze said

You may hate to love Mr. Willy, but he is aways a source of entertainment.