AY is currently self quarantining back at home after returning to Tanzania from the US.

He isn't infected, and during these times, it is better to take any precautionary measure to avoid the spread of Covid-19.

The one concern AY had when speaking to Shaffie Weru during an Instagram live session was that the rate of domestic violence will increase.

"When the quarantine period started, people stocked up on alcohol and now people are seriously house drinking. Because people are together 24/7, they are prone to have some scuffles, now imagine when one is intoxicated, it will just escalate and that is how domestic violence will increase in many homes." AY shared.

Shaffie Weru couldn't agree more. He even mentioned earlier that in as much as he is the Raverend, he has not been drinking at home.

AY is all alone in the house now that his family is abroad and Shaffie asked him how is he surviving because he needs to eat.

I have an amazing chef I have had for a while so he cooks for me now that my family is away in the state

AY told those who were live that they should not panic in this trying time.

People, don’t panic in life there are ups and downs that help us plan ourselves. This time write music because you need more knowledge to be smart and have extra skills. When trying to compose, write a song having in mind that out of 10 people it affects 9 people's lives in one way or another. Organize such plans.

Salaam, Diamond's manager and Mwana FA both from Tanzania are also in self-isolation after testing positive for Coronavirus.

"I’ve been talking to both of them via SMS and they are recuperating very well. They are getting too many calls I prefer to text to give them time to rest." AY assured fans

His other major concern was that so many Africans live hand to mouth and this time is proving to be a difficult one for them.

Pray for each other at this time because there are those who survive on leaving the house and now even two days in the house, is sickening.

He concluded by saying the flip side of the pandemic is we have become clean. We used to touch everything and now are more cautious and this may be our lifestyle forever.