sakaja 1
sakaja 1

Johnson Sakaja and his sons won the hearts of Kenyans on social media after freestyling to a beat they made just chilling.

On the count of three, they started hitting the table to a beat and rapped. The lyrics were basically to encourage people to stay safe amid the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic that has seen the numbers rise to 38.

It urged Kenyans to follow the Government's directives, observe social distancing, wash hands with soap and get home early before 7 PM curfew. The first day of curfew saw so many Kenyans beaten and so Sakaja warned Kenyans telling them, ni kubaya.

Guys on the comment section were so jazzed by the small freestyle they commended the Sakaja’s for using their creativity to spread awareness on the disease and safety measures.

Sakaja and his sons ended the video by challenging the two biggest Kenyans rappers, Octopizzo and Papa Jones to do the same. Compose a rap song to help spread this very important message.

Watch the video below: