Size 8 has never shied from sharing how far she has come and how tough has journey has been from childhood and back then before she found Jesus.

Truth be told, the mother of two has been through hell and according to her, she loves sharing about her good and bad times just to remind people of God's doings.

This time, using two different photos of hers the gospel artiste decided to share her testimony after she got saved, opening up on some of her not well known life struggles while growing up, in a lengthy post.

Size 8 who is married to DJ MO, reminded those who doubt God's existence that her life is a clear evidence that He truly is alive and able.

An emotional Size 8 reminisced how at one time in her life she could never afford sanitary pads, to having her face on a pack of pads. 

She also remembered how she lacked bus fare and sleeping hungry to now owning her own moti as well as affording all she needs.

She wrote;

Our might man of war who be like you! From never affording sanitary pads to my face bein on a pack of pads. From lacking bus fare to owning my own car. From lack of food to a full tummy how I bless you Jesus My God of all creation my life belongs to you....

She went on to encourage her followers to never give up in life;

What am I trying to communicate to you guys is this manze God anaweza change life yako please usi give up. My life is a testimony it's just not about the physical body you see only but more so much more in my life God has done wonders am almost in tears as I write this. Let's give God glory...