Diamond Platnumz had his family, friends and fans praying for him in the last 14 days as he was in quarantine.

He was at risk of contracting Covid-19 after his manager Sallam and his producer, Lizer Classic tested positive for the virus.

They had been together abroad and when coming back they were forced to go into quarantine as they were being monitored.

In as much as he was scared of what the results will be 14 days later, he has come out to announce he is negative.

"I would like to thank Allah for completing my 14 days of isolation without a coronavirus infection. Allhamdulilah. My sincere gratitude goes to the government, through the Ministry of Health and all doctors who were taking care of us, making sure that they tested us for the whole 14 days." Diamond posted

He then went on to add a message of gratitude to everyone who played a role both directly and indirectly.

From the doctors to the government and to the fans that prayed for him and the entire WCB family.

Also, I thank you my fans, for praying and wishing me good health during my isolation, your prayers have been answered.

Diamond urged his followers to take every necessary precautionary measure as instructed by the health professionals and the government.

'Message to you my fans, CORONA IS REAL, CORONA IS DANGEROUS, so lets continue to take precaution measures as instructed by health professionals to make sure that this pandemic doesn't spread in our country. Staying in isolation for two weeks was not easy, but necessary to make sure that we protect our loved ones, our community and the country as a whole." He added

Diamond ended by saying he will soon be back at work.

Sallam also came with great news after announcing that he is coronavirus free after two tests in the last 14 days.

‘I am out of isolation,’ Diamond’s manager, Sallam announces he is now coronavirus free

Today, President Uhuru Kenyatta has also announced that two Kenyans are now coronavirus free and we hope this will be the trend.