President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday held a virtual meeting with two recovered coronavirus patients from State House Kenya.

Uhuru held a live video chat with the two recovered patients identified as Brenda and Brian at Afya House.

The two were accompanied by Health CS Mutahi Kagwe.

Uhuru praised the first coronavirus patient, Brenda saying she was brave in coming out and taking herself to the hospital once she became aware of the symptoms.

"You are special because upon your arrival and you feeling that you, were not well, without being pushed you took it upon yourself realising that you had the risk to harm others and take yourself to KNH," Uhuru said.

See a photo of Brenda below

Uhuru said the two showed that Kenyans can not only contain this disease but can also treat the virus and get out of it.

"This is a moment of pride...we are proud of you Brenda...you were able to inform us all the people you were in contact with," he said.

"We are celebrating your bravery..you were able to limit your contacts and identify them and trace them...and there is no single death..you are a very wonderful and brave girl.."

Uhuru asked Kenyans to follow the examples of two recovered patients.

"Let us follow Brenda's example and Brian we can contain this disease. For all of us who are out there, who have these symptoms..let us behave like these people and report symptoms.. Let's stay away..let us bring ourselves forward and be treated because it is treatable, there is no stigma," he said.

-The Star