Ever since the government started advising people to work from home, the one joke that has been doing rounds is that there will be a lot of baby showers come December.

Size 8 has a warning.

In a video posted on DJ Mo, her husband's Instagram page, Size 8 is addressing her fellow wives.

She started by thanking the president for setting a curfew time because now husbands are home.

"Welcome to the second press conference of the committee of wives. If you missed the first one we were basically thanking the president for quarantine and the curfew because now our husbands are home. And as you can see mine is here (pointing at DJ Mo) and we are very happy. " Size 8 started.

DJ Mo interrupted her by giving her a reality check.

"This thing has made you happy eyy? Is it money we will look for or we will sit in the house? And by the way, I know at this time we are very idle you see nothing is happening. Come December, which is 9  months from now there will be very many children." Dj Mo said'

Size 8 decided to pause a warning to her fellow wives saying family planning should not be forgotten.

On that note, we must let each other know as wives. We have an agenda that has just come up. Please remember to use your family planning. Please pass this message to every wife

Under this post, DJ Mo added that,

Woi hakukaliki nyumbani juu ya quarantine and also president kupeana curfew 😂😂😂🤷‍♂️. Itaisha tu 😂 wanaume tu vumilie .....

Guys have been joking But let’s talk about effects za kukaa home na kuproduce watoto- so 9 months from now 😝 Dec na January itakuwa fire 🔥 ....

****najua kila mtoto anakuja na sahani yake but let’s be wise and not forget family planning Ndio next year Life isitukimbishe sana au Vipi.

Be warned, especially those quarantining with their boyfriends and girlfriends, if you are not ready for a child, use family planning methods.

Most importantly, remember to regularly wash your hands, sanitize and stay home.