Tanasha Donna got so many people talking after she sat down and opened up about her failed relationship with Diamond.

Kibe had already predicted this.

I am sure you have heard Kamene, Kibe and gossip girl talking about Tanasha from the good old days to their break up days.

Kibe was always against this relationship and Kamene called him out a couple of times telling him to have some faith.

Now that Tanasha explained what happened in their relationship that it had to end, Kibe was there to echo his famous words.

The two were just never meant to be.

"Stop trying to mix classes. He is a ghetto guy and this babe is from Europe and lives in Kile. You can't mix classes please. Even Tandale is more ghetto than any other ghetto we have in Kenya"  Kibe said

Kamene is proud of Tanasha because she has standards and she applauds her.

"Tanasha has mad standards. Apparently he cheated once and said I gave you a whole baby and this is what you're doing? She sent him a text and went home " Kamene said

In as much as she had hopes in that relationship, she is proud of Tanasha for accepting nothing less than she deserves.

To get more of her story, make sure you refresh the Kiss100 website because we have all the drama she went through when dating Diamond Platnumz.