Vanessa Mdee is East Africa's favorite songstress. From her voice to her body, to her personality, so much to love about her.

Ever since the news broke out she is dating Power star, Rotimi, she has put a pause on music. She even moved out of Tanzania.

Her fans have been complaining she has lost that fan-celebrity touch with them.

It became a concern to a point Tanzania's were comparing Rotimi to Juma Jux.

Back when Juma and Vanessa were dating, they did a lot of music together and individually.

They were each others support system both in music and in their relationship.

Vanessa finally decided to address this huge elephant in the room.

According to Ms. Mdee, it is about time she takes a break. She has been at it for a while and now it is time to enjoy what life is offering. Including Rotimi.

“Honestly in have been in the music industry for 13 years I have never taken a break, So I finally found some time for me, to do what Vee likes, to do what Vee wants to do, to chill, I found Love, beautiful Love and I’m so happy, I’m enjoying my life. So I just wanna take time to enjoy life. I have now time to work on my podcast and thank you so much for supporting my season one. Season two is going to be even greater, I’m going to answer all your questions because there has been a lot of concerns, when is your next song coming out, all that is gonna be answered. I wanna thank you for your love and continued support. I just wanna advise you too to find time for yourself, realign yourself, pray, reconnect with God and take care of your family and your loved ones.” Vanessa Mdee said

Vanessa really worked hard to release her album, Money Mondays which took a lot of her energy to compile and after, she really worked on marketing it.

Her media tour was extensive as she visited many countries to push the album.

So yes, she does deserve a break. Let her enjoy love. She seems happy and that's what matters.