Real househelps of kawangware actress, njeri gachomba, popularly known as Njambi found herself in hot soup thanks to her Instagram post.

Being a Friday we all love posting our flashback Friday memories and it being a norm, Njambi decided to jump into the bandwagon, not knowing it would soon bring her trouble with her fans.

Njambi posted a photo of her with a baby bump of her last born child but it's her caption that made everything wild.

She captioned it; 'Don't I miss being pregnant, 'and this the point where I type, all hell broke loose.

Her followers, mostly male jumped into the comment section reminding her that the only way to get pregnant again is by sleeping with a man.

Some even went a step further to offer their services, which is worth noting that any kind of man would throw themselves Njambi's way given how much of a beauty, she is.

Njambi even regreted using that caption, after she responded to one of her fans saying; Huku mtu hawezi sema kitu innocently 😂 😂 😂 😂

Check out some of her fans' reactions :

Deejaynicky : Pewa ingine kama Una miss

Call me damahb Unaweza shika ingine dear

Hype Jesse : Sema unataka ninii 😂 😂

Thebirirs : Pewa ingine kwa bill yangu

Lenah kaka : it's simple just get pregnant again

Check her post below