Tanasha Donna has thrown shade at the people who fueled her breakup with Diamond Platnumz.

However, in an interview with True Love magazine, the 24-year-old singer revealed that apart from Diamond's infidelity, his family and friends also led to their break up.

Tanasha who talked about the obstacles she had to endure in the hands of Diamond's family, says she chooses not to blame anyone in particular but all she understands is 'people are brought up differently.'

She says that they had a great relationship but the rain started beating them, two months before their son, Naseeb junior was born. Naseeb was born in October 2019.

"Somewhere in August things started hitting rock bottom. I used to ask what changed. I think the public could see it." Tanasha said.

She says at times she would find herself at crossroads with Diamond's family and a couple of Wasafi members, reason? She was not a typical Tanzanian woman.

She said,

I was giving my all. Sometimes I would be judged a lot because I am not your typical cultural Tanzanian woman. I don't stay at home, wake up and cook. 

I love cooking but if I can hire a chef why not?"

She continued,

I faced a lot of obstacles. A lot of people did not want us together including people from the team and family. 

I think the fact that I was doing music was a hindrance. The question he would get was "Mwanamke anafanya music si mtashindana?" (Won't you be in a competition with your woman if she is also doing music?)

Tanasha says Diamond was caught up in a tug of war and despite it all she is not blaming him for choosing to listen to the people advising him.

Unfortunately love was not as strong as I thought. But I won't use that as an excuse. I don't blame anyone specifically. It is life. People are brought up differently