Terryanne Chebet is among the most admired media personalities we have in the country.

Her personality is outstanding and her presentation skills have always been on point. She has managed to climb up the ladder in her career making her a successful woman in the business world.

Terryanne is know for wearing many hats.

Well, TV is not her only gig as she had a side hustle selling hair products. She launched the product line a while back and the response she has received has been positive.

The former news presenter was in Paris a while back doing what she does best.

During her visit, she had the chance to visit a meat factory and got to learn how things work in the factory.

But what has surprised many is when she went ahead and ate a raw snail and filmed everything while at it.

To many, this would be a really disgusting thing considering some Africans don't eat raw meat.

I guess people need to travel more often just to learn different cultures and how things work in different countries.

Check out the video below;