Kamene Goro is vocal on social media about matters that concern the nation and especially women but when it comes to her family life, she is very secretive.

She went to get poshed yesterday at Posh Palace and her sister and mother accompanied her. Kamene decided to go blonde and in as much it is a bold move, she has killed it.

She introduced the two most important women in her life to the world in two pictures of the ladies looking so lovely after getting a good hairdo.

If you are a fan of The Morning Kiss, you will always hear Kamene appreciate her mother for raising two amazing daughters.

The first picture was her and her mother which she captioned,

The Apple and The Tree...All I am I Owe To You My Darling Mother...

Remember the last time she introduced her sister to the internet and the men could not stop thirsting, well I gat you. She posted a second picture of the three of them and her sister is one peng girl.

"Queen Mother did Good!" Kamene captioned

I must say her mother looks really young so now we know where the radio queen got it all from. Even the way she takes care of herself, you can tell her mother really taught her well.

Meet Kamene Goro's mother and sister: