Due to the government restrictions regarding people staying indoors and social distancing, Kenyans have seen Salons, restaurants, beauty shops and schools closed.

The results however, have been positive rather than negative for many who have taken upon themselves to learn a few skills in order to stay healthy, stay sexy and keep their minds occupied.  

From celebrities to the normal mwananchi, I can say that by the time we are given an all clear, quarantine will have already brought out the hidden talents in us, that we never even knew existed.

Some of these talents include; Cooking, make up skills, singing, dancing as well as hair braiding.

We take a look at some of the celebrities who have been showcasing their new acquired self taught skills, during this quarantine period.

1. Kate actress

Looking all glammed up, the actress said, "I will come out of this quarantine as a professional make up artist and a serious chef 😂. Body goals postponed till 2021.

2. Joyce omondi

Mrs Waihiga Mwaura on the hand was busy learning how to braid her own her and to many people's surprise, she did a pretty decent job for a first timer.

She wrote:

When #Quatantinelife manenos force you to figure out how to braid your own hair. Not bad for my first attempt.

What's that one skill you have learnt since you began quarantine?