Now that we have been forced to stay home, DJ Mo has not been having gigs but his weekly job on NTV's Crossover101 continues in as much he works from home.

His children Wambo and Muraya Junior get to spend more time with him and as you know, Wambo is daddy's little girl so she is almost always around him.

In a video he posted on social media, he has seen multitasking between entertaining his children and working.

Size 8 walks in on the scene and laughs at DJ Mo doing the most at his daddy duties.

"Let me tell you. This quarantine will finish us. If these are just two children and they are stressing me, please don't bring me back in this position. Children's chapter closed! I do not want to come back to this anymore." DJ MO warns Size 8

Size 8 mocked him singing

Sawa babe, quarantine is coming you're working at home with the children

DJ Mo added saying,

Maisha ni kujipanga 😂😂😂😂 weh ...

Anyway please @size8reborn don’t tell me to add another one hawa wametosha 😂 ... najua mtoto anakuja na sahani ule but FAMILY planning is very important ...

Wanaume wanaelewa hapa 👍

It hasn't been an easy experience for Size 8 especially with her third pregnancy. So she probably would agree with what her husband is suggesting.