mejjja mother
mejjja mother
Mejja has been on everyone's mouth for the past week after releasing Utawezana where he was featured by Femi One.

The song has received so much positive reception and recognition. A few days ago, the DPP was live on Citizen TV speaking to Yvonne Okwara and he urged the youth to cooperate with the government to flatten the Coronavirus curve.

Before he finished his speech, he recognized Okwonko's song, by saying he knows the youth are asking 'utawezana?' but they will not handle the coronavirus spread if they do not follow the rules set.

This gave the song more mileage.

Anyway, in the spirit of positive vibes, Mejja decided to post a picture of himself alongside his gorgeous mother. According to Mejja's caption, her name is Khadija.

#Tbt Khadija My Mum

We have severally heard him say 'Mtoto wa Khadija' in many of his songs and now we know where that came from.

Here is a never before seen photo of Mejja's gorgeous mother. Also, I must commend she has very smooth and flawless skin.