Kamene Goro is not happy with a story Andrew Kibe shared with her on The Morning Kiss. His aim was to sympathize with Mulamwah, but things went south.

So in case you have just woken up, comedian Mulamwah has been trending as of last night after sharing a caption that many sympathized with. Read the details below:

Kibe decided to throw in the story to Kamene which got her so mad.

"So Mulamwah takes a match stick and lights his signature jacket on fire and posts it with a caption on how he has left this industry for the haters he is done." Kibe shared

Kamene was not having it this morning.

"Stop it there Kibe stop it! So dramatic. This is some hypocritical nonsense. Ati oooh my gosh you people are hating on me. First of all,  personally, Mulamwah is the biggest bully I have ever met! I have been in this industry for 8 years very few people can bully me. Mulamwah bullied me online. So I posted a picture with Ronoh and we were sitting at the swimming pool rooftop at my place. Mulamwah comes to the comment section and said if the two of us get into the pool, all the water pours out.

And I am like what? I look at that name and I am like who is this? So I go his DM and I am like what is this nonsense? Because you do not know me like this." Kamene ranted

Kibe interjected saying,

So you saw as if he was looking for something with that comment?

Kamene went on saying she had to call him out on the DM.

Yeah for likes or something similar. I told him I do not advocate for such. He told me 'aah chorea you know its just comedy'. I told him to take that comedy to his page because my page is not a comedy page. 

She concluded, telling him to wear the shoe on the other foot and move on.

"You are the biggest hater Mulamwah then you're going to come and say people are hating on me. This is a situation where the shoe is on the other foot. Bro vaa kiatu and walk what is this? Ati you want us to feel sorry for you? Take it is as a shot of tequila because you do it to people all the time! " Kamene said

Kamene was not happy with the level of hypocrisy Mulamwah was projecting last night in as much as so many people came in to support and encourage him to keep going with his craft because the truth is trolls will never end.