Today's discussion on The Morning Kiss with Kamene and Kibe was heated. It got the dynamic duo to confess a lot of their dark past when it comes to relationships.

Kibe came clean on how his mother wanted to stop his wedding right upto the D day but he went ahead and married the lady his mother did not approve of. Now he has a five-year-old beautiful daughter but a sour relationship with his mother.

Kamene Goro was also once married to a Tanzanian man, and it was not rosy. The frustrations she went through were too much. Her mother in law then was not a fan of Kamene and this made her marriage miserable.

"I was living in my house under constant pressure. Am I making him happy? And even worse was I making him happy by her standards? She used to hate me. So she would send in food to the house because she did not want him to eat my 'bad' food. I confronted her to stop it and then it became a war. She later moved to calling my house girls and commanding them on how to make food for my husband." Kamene narrates

Her mother in law then went to the extent of even using charms.

I was a young frustrated bride. She even went to the extent of calling the watchman and requested him to be told when I leave the house so that she can send a housi to put charm under the bed so that my husband hates me and we do not get children. It was bad

Monsters in law are real.