Now that Eric Omondi and Jacque Maribe's seem to have mended their relationship, the comedian has also decided to open up to the public about their former love life.

He had an interview and finally told his fans how he met Jacque.

In as much as the pictures, they have been posting are not friendly ones, they still insist they are best friends.

Eric said that they vowed to remain the best of friends no matter what happens, adding that they keep reminding themselves of the same every day.

"I met Jacque when we were working at Radio Africa. We became very close friends and our first date was at Java in Sarit Center. Then we both left and went to Citizen. Since then we've tight. We’re the best of friends and we YOLO and no matter what happens, we’ll remain best of friends. And this we remind ourselves every day. She’s a true friend,” Eric Omondi says

A few weeks ago, the two went on vacation with their son after they finally admitted they have offspring together. They had denied this severally but are now confident in their relationship.

We are still not sure where their relationship falls on the spectrum, but they seem to be mending things. Now that Jacque publicly dumped Jowie, Eric might have an opportunity to be her husband because clearly, Dennis Itumbi has no chance.