Over the weekend, the beef between Willy Paul and Ringtone was revived.

Willy Paul and Nadia dropped a song, Nikune and Ringtone was not amused. He called out the former gospel artiste expressing his unhappiness with the lyrics of the song, adding that Nadia is digging her own grave.

Ringtone took it further and asked KFCB to ban the song in a move that elicited a sharp response from Willy Paul who wrote,

Guys, I'm I the only artist in Kenya?? Ringtone please leave me alone.. why are you against kila kitu nafanya? Before Ezekiel mutua ban me, he should ban ur mouth and dirty heart!! What's dirty in this song?? #nikune?? Najua unaipenda unaitaka pia n that's why nimeiongezea kwa hii video yako... you need to see a doctor.. sio kawaida mtu kuwa hivi #nikune is already ‘’ A ‘’ people's choice.. toa yako ya gospel. Yesu akune sins zako basi akusamehe!! Ur not okay mentally

The banter backfired when Ringtone took things personally and asked fans to look for Pozze's female relatives and kuna them.

Pozze reacted to the cruel suggestion and made threats to Ringtone saying,

I am surprised by this so-called man of God. We have sang nikune and yet we have not really said what this means but instead he has told guys to look for my relatives and kuna them? Surely, Ringtone wherever you are I have no issue with you but the way things are going, I see my self beating the hell out of you. And it will be very embarrassing that a young guy like me seriously beating you up. I am tired of you Ringtone leave me alone.

Many people are inclined to think all this beef is about clout chasing to promote the new song. But then again, Ringtone has been doing this ever since Pozze silently quit the gospel music industry.