Nameless is not taking mental health issues lightly. He understands that it is a real issue. For instance, say one is feeling depressed, the biggest problem with this state is that you feel like a bother to others. You feel like you aren't worth the effort of someone taking time out of their schedule to check up on you. And you are ashamed at how you feel.

Nameless knowing this, understands that as such, your friends really need to step up and help you. They really need to see past the wall you erect between you and the world and make the conscious decision to climb over that wall as often as it takes.

So Nameless has decided to come through for his homie who says was feeling down. He posted the following about that:

So I took this very unclear selfie for a reason... So we have a code name for feeling kind Of depressed or down, it's called "Dustbin" so if one of the boys Hollas to the group that he is in the "dustbin" then we know he is not been in a good place and the rest of the boys find time ASAP to meet and just bond with the one in the dustbin till we get him out..🤘🏾🤘🏾. Hehe...Due to MBOGI-MBOYZ priviledges I can't disclose who was in the Dustbin during this occasion😝😎😜... But he is good now😝😏.. anyway kuweni strong 💪🏾kama Uko dustbin ongea na mwenzako💯. Ama namna gani my frens 

He then posted a photo of himself chilling with Nyashinski, Naiboi, Bien and Big Pin. He refused to mention who it was that was down.