Anerlisa Muigai and her mother are pretty close, more of a bestie relationship than a mother-daughter relationship.

We knew about Anerlisa after being introduced to us as the heiress to Kercohe Breweries, her mother's multimillion shilling alcohol company.

A lot of her life became public and now she is almost at a million followers on Instagram. She opened her business, Executive and Life water and also started a weight loss app.

Anerlisa has learned a lot from her mother in terms of business and family but her mother also has a few traits she can learn from Anerlisa and she admires them.

"I am a giver, focused, good listener, I get things done, I do not bagua people, I fit in anywhere and mist of all God-fearing." She listed

A few weeks months ago, Tabitha Karanja was in the spotlight after Keroche Breweries was ordered to pay the Kenya Revenue Authority(KRA) Sh9 billion by the tax tribunal after losing six lengthy disputes filed between 2015 to 2017.

At that time, we saw Anerlisa support her mother and stand by her in one of the darkest times in their family.

Now she is Tanzania with her fiancé, Ben Pol where she has been for while and now that no one is allowed into Kenya, she is married by default.