Well, the rain this time has come with loads of surprises. When we expected it we were busy complaining of the heat and now when it is supposed to be hot, the rain decided to bless us.

Let's just say depending on the Kenyan meteorological department is a joke.

Now we can toast to the blessing because tomatoes are now back to the normal price after a month of suffering in silence.

Once it pours, ladies are the most worried people because well, our hair and makeup. No one wants to see that get soggy.

For you not to be caught unawares, here are a few things you must have:

  1. Braids

Please note that the clouds turning grey means you should be in the salon getting your braids done. Otherwise, this season will see you turn bald.

2. Shower cap

Even with the braids, you don't want to have smelly hair, so protect it from the rain. Oily hair and the rain are not a good combination at all. So keep that shower cap close.

3. Hair Band

Tie your hair together in one bun before wearing the shower cap.

4. Umbrella

We all need this. Man or woman, to cover up when it pours.

5. Raincoat

You don't want to get to the office all soaked up so to help stay dry, the raincoat is a must. It will also prevent you from getting sick because staying with soaked clothes can give you a serious flu.

6. Hairbrush 

In case your scalp can't sustain braids and you have open hair or a weave, after removing the shower cap or raincoat your hair will be all over so carry a brush to straighten the hair and look presentable.

7. Tea bags

You need to keep warm all day after such a hectic day trying to avoid the embarrassments of the rain.

8. Gumboots

Save your self from cold feet and bilharzia by protecting your legs from the dirty water after the rain.

Thank me later.