dennis okari
dennis okari
Dennis Okari has really maintained his marriage life to Naomi and kept it as private as possible. I mean, once bitten twice shy right?

When it comes to his social media page, if it is not work-related or spiritual advice, he will not post.

Recently he decided to do the honk challenge on Parliament Road and it failed miserably.

Dennis made a beat with his honk while in traffic hoping someone will repeat the same but it seems like Kenyans are not in with the trend.

In as much as that was a very honest post, ladies could not hold back their thirst. Instead of focusing on the challenge, they were busy complimenting his lips and his voice. Okay, I won't lie they got my attention too. Here is a video:

Dennis then posted a picture of some dessert he made for his wife before Netflix and Chill. The real one, not what millenials have turned this phrase into.

"Chilling with bae and I decided to make this refreshing delicious Vanilla-Oreo ice cream for her before watching Extraction on Netflix. Si nimejaribu lakini?" He captioned the picture above.

Who does not love a man who caters to her sweet tooth cravings? Dennis Okari is just such a sweet husband. To a happily ever after.