Jokes have been made that we carry a whole house in there.

Well, there are a few things a lady should never lack in her handbag ever. Here are the top ten:

  1. Wet Wipes/ Hand Sanitizer 

We need to be clean always. Many are the times we go to a place and there is no running water. Wet wipes come through even on a messy day.

2. Pocket Tissue

These come in handy after using the lavatory, just in case the place you are visiting doesn't supply. Plus you can always catch the flu on your way to work. You don't want to be walking around with a booger now do you?

Pocket tissues are easy to carry and affordable.

3. Lotion

Moisturized hands are attractive, don't be that chic with ashy hands.

4. Sewing kit

I can't even explain how much this has come through for me. Matatu seats and number plates are notorious for ripping out clothes. This always comes through.

5. Sanitary Towel

The lady in red can surprise you so it's best to always be prepared. We do not want red spot embarrassment.

6. Nail Polish

This cracks me up because my colleague always has bad toe days, yet she has to attend some events for work related purposes. Nail polish has come through a lot for her.

7. Nail Glue

How annoying is it when your acrylics come off in the most awkward places? Having glue in your bag is a quick fix.

8. Charger

Everyone should have this. Does not need emphasis.

9. Lipstick\balm

Drey cracked lips are not attractive. Period!

10. Condoms

Girl, he will tell you he does not have and he wasn't expecting the night to go down that way, so always be safe. Carry your own. We need to be safe.