'I got tested eight times and all were positive' Mwana FA announces recovery from COVID-19

28 days later and Tanzanian artiste Mwana FA is free from isolation.

Remember he was among the first to test positive for coronavirus in the 255 after landing back home from his trip. During a live Instagram session with Shaffie Weru, he said he started feeling sick after landing in Kenya for a connecting flight to Tanzania.

Mwana FA had an interview with Cloud FM where he talked about his 28 days in isolation.

"I have been in isolation for 28 days and got tested 8 times and all were positive until the last one I tested negative. When you test positive, it will take another 72 hours before you get tested again. That virus really stuck to me.

I am now healed and even after the eight tests, if you ask me what I did to fight it, I really can't explain. I used to get instructions on how to help curb coronavirus and I would just adhere to the instructions from hot water with lemon and ginger to antibiotics." Mwana said

He was asked if he has any idea where he could have contracted coronavirus from, and he said he really can't narrow down to one place.

I think about and I may have picked the virus from anywhere. I can already count like 10 places. It could be the apartment I was in and maybe someone who was also there had the virus and touched a surface that I touched or someone sneezed when we were in the lift. So many places I went through that I could have picked coronavirus

In as much as Mwana FA was among the asymptomatic coronavirus patients, he is glad he did not get into contact with his family after contracting the virus.

The worst part was I was not in any pain but my results always came positive. Luckily I have been in isolation since I came back home and have not had any form of contact with my children.

He is now home and he urges people all over to take every precautionary method to help curb coronavirus but mentions it is not a death sentence.

"I just urge guys to take every precaution against this virus. But in case one tests positive, it is not the end of it all because the virus leaves your body by itself after a few days. We will be okay we just need to have faith." He concluded

We are glad Mwana FA is back home because he has gone through a tough and lonely 28 days and of course his recovery is positive news.