The pride and joy of Bahati and Diana Marua are their gorgeous children.

The couple has been trending for all the wrong reasons but today we take time off from the drama to just celebrate the two parents.

If you look at pictures and videos of Heaven and Majesty Bahati, you'll fall in love instantly and for the women, their ovaries jump up and down. They are cute and chubby a sign that they are eating right. So for that, we applaud Diana.

In as much as Bahati wasn't very present in the early stages of raising Heaven, he stepped up when Majesty was born and his wife testified.

We have seen their children grow from their early days and now Heaven is already communicating using words.

The former EMB Records CEO is proud of his seed and he never shies away from saying it.

I told My Wife I will give her the Cutest Boy & Girl in the World 😉 Then Booooom I DID IT 😎

Here are pictures of the two all grown up: