Hamisa Mobetto still has respect for her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz despite their fall out.

She featured as the main video vixen in Alikiba's new video Dodo and as soon as it was released, it was the topic of discussion for weeks. Even worse, the numbers of views on YouTube were fishy, it seems like someone was manipulating them.

But it definitely was not Diamond because he blessed Hamisa before she went for the video shoot. Yes, she had to seek blessings first.

Speaking in an interview on Wasafi FM, he revealed that Hamisa consulted him just after Alikiba requested for her presence in his video.

"First of all, AliKiba has every right to use anyone as his video vixen and so does my baby mama, Hamisa, she has every right to be in any video.

Actually, before they shot the video, Dodo, she told me that Ali wants to shoot a video with me and I thought it was courtesy to let you know so that when you see the video you are not left wondering if there is any malicious act behind it. Because we know people will talk and come up with all sorts of theories.

So I told her it is okay and she had my blessings." Diamond said

Interesting that the two had so much drama in their 'relationship' they even went to court. A clear indication that any form of beef can be resolved.

From the same interview, there is also some hope that his beef with Zari will also be a closed case after they finally had a one on one conversation in regards to their children.

Some great news in these pandemic times.