Akothee is done with all the rumors people are propagating about her life when it comes to her children.

It is common knowledge that she is a mother of five, three girls and two boys. To set the record straight to those she called newcomers, she took to social media to make her point.

"I do not have five baby daddies I have three baby daddies with five children. I am addressing the newcomers so you don't rush thinking you know too much and then you find an accident. The accident can come in anyway, it can touch your church pastor, your mother or your parent it doesn't matter it depends on how you come." She said

If you have never taken Akothee seriously, this should be the time you must. Why you ask? We are used to Akothee shouting all over when she is addressing haters but this time, she calmly said it. Just a polite way to tell you, 'I will come for you and when I find you, it will not be an interesting encounter'.

The singer has put out her life to the public but she will not take the lies and rumors.