diana marua children
diana marua children
The one question everyone has been asking Diana Marua since she made a debut in these streets of fame is if she has other children.

KOT detectives unleashed pictures of her, a man and children claiming this was her family before Bahati.

In her YouTube channel, she decided to have a Q&A segment and she addressed a few of the questions that have been in people's minds.

"Were you married before and do you have other kids?" Fan asked

Diana decided she will be very open and candid and she addressed this to Bahati who was also very eager to know the truth.

"Let me tell you, this question is not the first time I have seen this question. For the last three years since I became famous. Let me clear the air for y'all. Before I met Bahati I was a model and I used to do advertisements here and there. So once I did a family advertisement for Nivea and I was the mummy figure and a guy who was my husband and two children and that was in 2014. It was a whole year's project. So on Mother's day, it was me and the kids and father's day it was him and the kids.

This was then translated to 'Diana had a family'. I have not been married before. But I don't mind being called mummy so if their children out there let them come out and I will be happy to be called a mum." Diana cleared the rumors. 

Bahati heaved a sigh of relief but asked her to make it clear in simple words after she added the last statement. Does she or does she not have another family? To which his wife said she does not have.

It took her many years to finally address these allegations and now we have it. She seemed to be overwhelmed by this question because she has become a victim of trolls and bullies on social media.

So Bahati can now relax.