Cheating is one of the biggest sin one can commit in marriage. Both men and women cheat but most of the stories out there especially when it comes to celebrity couples, the men are the culprits.

Some relationships die as soon as such scandals break like the Khloe and Tristan one but others choose to look the other side and forgive. Here are a few famous names that have survived cheating scandals.

  1. Jay Z and Beyonce

Remember the lemonade album by Beyonce? The album was all about Jay Z cheating on her with 'Becky with the good hair'. From sources back then, the two went through therapy and worked things out.

2. Eric Wanaina and Sheba Hirst 

Eric cheated on his wife about 10 years ago which saw him sire another child. An act he says he would undo. Since then Eric has become an advocate against cheating men because he saw the harm it caused his family. His wife forgave him and they are now raising their children together in a happy marriage.

3. Cardi B and Offset

This was a dramatic one, but what did we expect, it Cardi. It was out there that Offset cheated with Summer Bunni who funny enough has similar traits as Cardi B. In 2018, Cardi went live on Instagram and announced their split. They made up after Offset surprised her by appearing on her performance which wowed her.

4. Terence Creative and Milly Chebby

This scandal was so big because it was all exposed on social media in as much the couple tried to hide it. Terence cheating with a young girl, Anita Soina who was in university then. She came out to speak about it claiming the two were in love. The scandal went so public for weeks but Milly forgave him and they are raising their daughter together after severally apologizing to her publicly and assuring her of his love.

5. Gabriel Union and Dwayne Wade

The two have been together since 2009. He prosed to her in 2008 and a few days later, Dwayne was exposed for having a baby with another woman while in a relationship with Gabriel. They broke up for a while but she later accepted the reality and forgave him. They got married in a beautiful wedding in 2014 and welcomed their daughter in 2018.

6. DJ Creme De La Cream and Denise

This was a very dramatic one. He was exposed after a s*xtape was leaked of him and a certain lady. The video went so viral but he kept his cool and apologized to his wife promising to be a changed man. And true to his word, the two are happy and in love raiding their children together.

7. Kevin H_art and Eniko H_art

This one was very emotional because manz stepped out when she was pregnant.  He was exposed on Instagram after he refused to pay up the blackmailer -a friend- who had the evidence and was extorting him. But Eniko forgave him and from his documentary, he is a changed man and an amazing father.

8. Eko Dydda and Cynthia Ayugi

She accused her husband of cheating on her with a friend, stating that she is not going to remain silent anymore in 2019. It was reported that Ejo Dydda kicked his wife and the mother of his two sons out of their home after she confronted him over an affair with another woman. The two mended their marriage and are raising their son together in love. It was evident from his case a few weeks ago when he was illegally