Diana Marua's family has good genes because the children they are producing, are too cute. The kind of children who would make the ladies say 'my ovaries'.

In an appreciation post on Mother's Day, she posted pictures of the little children who call her Aunty Diana.

In as much as a lot of her life is out in the public, her fellow siblings and family members have a very private life away from all the trolls she gets daily.

Diana took to social media pictures of her little sister's twin children who look so alike and from the posture, they are clearly fond of each other.

"Happy Mothers Day to my Beautiful small sister @D_EIMOS!! You got your twinnies @blake_n_blair when you were soo young but I'm proud of how quickly you grew up and how responsible, cute and adorable they've turned out to be. Mum would be soo proud of all of us... you me and @glamby_varl I LOVE YOU ALL SOOO SOOO MUCH! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY Michelle. Chum Blake, Blair and Remy for Me ❤🙏❤" Diana posted

She then posted her other little sister, Val - the one who was on Being Bahati-  and her son and captioned,

Happy Mothers Day Sis! Varl. Remmy is Blessed to have you as his Mum. May God Bless you two

Aren't their children just so gorgeous?