Anerlisa Muigai cannot hide how smitten she is with fiancé Ben Pol.

It is written all over her face, her social media and her body language when she is around him.

Kenyans are curious about alot of things to do with their relationship, that she somewhat addressed in a Q&A IG poll.

One rumor has to do with a supposed pregnancy, but she took to social media addressing the issue insisting she is not.

Well, in that space, we got to know a lot about Anerlisa and Ben Pol's relationship on a more up close, personal and detailed way.

So here you go, 4 things you did not know about their relationship:

  1. If you want to distract Anerlisa from anything, just bring Ben Pol where she is and be sure, you have blinded her. Isn't that we call love?

2. Out of all her close friends and family, Ben Pol takes the number one position of the one person who makes her laugh hard. Qualities of the man who has stolen a woman's heart.

3. Anerlisa says she will do anything for Ben Pol.

4. Before she takes a step on making a personal decision, she says she has to consult manz first.

5. Anerlisa packed her bags and moved to Tanzania to live with Ben Pol as they plan the white wedding.

I have been saying these two are married because the traits I have listed above are all what newly married people do. Especially number 4.

I am not married but I have read that marriage has seven steps and the honeymoon stage is number one. Clearly where the two fall.

The honeymoon stage, when romance and intense attraction bond a couple together and lead to commitment. It often seems as short-lived as springtime. By two years, most couples have usually lost that initial magic, though this can vary by couples.

The other stages of love according to Readers Digest are:

  • Realization where a more real vision of the rest of your life together begins. Disappointment and early conflicts are the hallmarks of this difficult, unavoidable period, as the two of you make the first steps toward accepting each other for who you really are.
  • Rebellion. A time inevitably emerges when self-interest often overtakes the interests of the marriage
  • Cooperation. In the cooperation stage, marriage takes on a business-like personality. Set aside all that love and emotion and personal-realization stuff.
  • Reunion. If you have children, the cooperation stage often lasts 10 to 20 years—then suddenly it is gone. It is a time to appreciate each other again, not as parents and providers but as lovers and friends, thinkers and seekers.

Worry not, I will take you through the steps in Anerlisa and Ben Pol's reunion. We hope for a forever after for them.

As per the rumors that she is pregnant, they might just be jumping into the cooperation stage fast.