Well first, you need money. Tiffah is always decked out in the best designer wear threads and duds. Tiffah is not you average little girl after all.

She is the daughter of two high net worth individuals, Zari Hassan her mother and Diamond Platnumz her father.

And while Diamond says he was paying upkeep until his lawyers advised him to stop because he was not getting to see his children, and Zari resorted to just calling him a deadbeat even though she only recently moved out of his house in which she lived with all her 5 children rent-free, the fact of the matter is that her parents afford her a lifestyle many East African lasses can only dream of.

Anyway, just how does Tiffah do it? Well, from designer bags she doubtless inherited from her mummy dearest to the latest in sneakers and sportswear as well as dresses. Check out her style below: